Kanuk: Michel Lepage

How do you take a 50 year old, beloved brand and make it young again? Michel Lepage, retail and marketing expert and co- Chief Creative Officer of Kanuk discusses the art of reenergizing a heritage brand. Kanuk is an independent Canadian outerwear company. Kanuk has designed and crafted outerwear from a small factory in the heart of Montréal for close to 50 years. Our designs are born of our environment, meticulously architected to protect against nature’s extreme weather conditions.

Pink Tartan Designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran

Kimberly Newport Mimran, founder and Design Director of the global fashion label Pink Tartan. In a personal and entertaining conversation, Kimberly shares stories of her childhood and what fashion meant to her through the years, her foray into fashion retail, the difference between product developer and designer and surprising anecdotes of life in the fashion industry.

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous is a Canadian activist, personality, speaker and socialite. Gigi began uploading videos to her Youtube channel in 2008. Since then she has become an inspiration to millions as she candidly shares her story as a transgender woman. Her joys, her struggles, her thoughts on a multitude of issues.

Gigi was in Toronto for the photo exhibition Xposed, Gigi Gorgeous: An Icon in the Making, photographed by Chris Nicholls. The most recent installation from George Antonopoulos, FASHION’s Creative and Fashion Director, co-founded the project with Glenna Weddle.

Gigi spoke with Fashion Talk host Donna Bishop at the Hazelton Hotel about her childhood, what inspires her, the role of fashion in her life and much more.

Trigere designer Franklin Benjamin Elman

Pauline Trigere launched her namesake label in New York City in the 1940s. A single mother, immigrant and female entrepreneur she was ahead of her time. With Trigere, she dressed some of the most famous celebrities of the day from Lena Horne to Lauren Bacall to Estee Lauder.

Now, this heritage brand is in the hands of Franklin Benjamin Elman. Born in Montreal, Canada Franklin has a design career that has included many illustrious houses, including numerous years at Dior. Franklin shares the intimate stories of his childhood, the unexpected moment of his career journey and how he is honouring the legacy of Pauline as he reignites her glamorous label, Trigere.