Fashion and (just a few) Cities

Travel enthusiast, Toronto expert and founder/ editor-in-chief of the popular lifestyle blog She Does the City, Jen McNeely discusses the relationship between fashion and the cities we live in. Weather and personal style may not be the only thing influencing the clothes you put on in the morning.

Dressing Celebrities

Gail McInnes, founder of the celebrity showroom The Stylist Box, shares anecdotes of helping celebrities find the ideal outfit, discusses the history of and key moments on the red carpet and why we love it so much.

Gail has worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years with a focus on managing and promoting entrepreneurs and performers.

The Democratization of Fashion

Celebrity stylist Alexis Honce and Fashion Editor of The Kit Jillian Vieira discuss how fashion has moved from the domain of the very rich and the famous to an all access industry and why 1988 was such an influential year.

Why Does Fashion Matter?

Think it is all fluff? Think again. Executive Director of the world renown Toronto Fashion Incubator Susan Langdon and acclaimed fashion designer David Dixon talk why fashion is an industry not to be over looked or under valued.