Fashion Talks, produced in partnership with CAFA,  is a podcast that observes the world through the lens of fashion.

Join host Donna Bishop as she interviews designers, stylists, industry insiders and even those outside fashion to reveal insights, observations, personal stories and historical moments on how fashion helps to shape the world we live in and how our world shapes fashion and the clothes we wear.

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Donna Bishop is an accomplished entrepreneur, dedicated consumer and producer of engaging content, and passionate advocate for the fashion industry. Her background spans the fashion, beauty and media industries.

In 2009 she founded Green Beauty, Canada’s first online boutique dedicated to skincare and cosmetics that were made with natural ingredients yet had the performance of professional products. She has been featured as an expert in beauty or entrepreneurship in numerous media outlets including: The Marilyn Denis Show, E! Canada, Best Health Magazine, NOW Magazine, Green Heroes (TVO), Coming Clean (Smithsonian Channel), Cosmo TV, The Globe and Mail, InStyle Magazine, The MomShift (Random House) and numerous blogs.

In 2010 Donna founded and was executive editor of Bamboo Magazine. She is Director of Programming for CAFA (Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards), is a trained focus group facilitator, is a board member of the Toronto Chapter of Fashion Group International, is a mentor for the Toronto Fashion Incubator and holds a BA from Queens University in Film Studies and Art History.

When not working on fashion projects she can be found listening to musical theatre, singing with her family and playing tennis. She never leaves the house without lipstick on. Follow Donna at @thisisdonnab.

Special thanks to Julia Ranney, Fashion Talks invaluable and incredible research intern.