Taking A Deep Dive into Digital Shopping

As a co-founder of ShopSquad, Lisa Kisber knows her way around the fashion, retail and live media space. She specializes in live on-air story telling, production, and advertorial. With experience as a guest, a regular host, and having her own national beauty show on Todays Shopping Choice, she has brought sales to life nationally for almost a decade.

As a resident on air expert for Global’s national Morning Show, and as the producer and host of the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards only red carpet show, she has mastered the art of conveying excitement, entertainment and key messaging.

Her background in law as a corporate attorney at Paul Weiss in New York, her role as CMO for Glossybox Canada, and her penchant for all things digital has fostered Lisa’s passion for telling brand stories in an exacting, efficient and gripping manner.

As the official Fashion Blogger for Toronto Fashion week as well as consulting on brand story, digital and on air content for companies such as Tiff, Virgin Radio and CAFA, she has a finger on the pulse of new media, technology, brand messaging and transmedia innovations

Lisa Kisber







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