Why Does Fashion Matter?

Think it is all fluff? Think again. Executive Director of the world renown Toronto Fashion Incubator Susan Langdon and acclaimed fashion designer David Dixon talk why fashion is an industry not to be over looked or under valued.

Susan Langdon, is an award winning fashion designer, and in 1994 she took her deep knowledge of the industry, her passion and leadership to sit at the helm of of the Toronto Fashion Incubator as the Executive Director. Her commitment to TFI and efforts to nurture, support and promote new, up-coming design talent has assisted in launching the careers of many established designers. Over 18,000 jobs have been created through TFI programs and community outreach under Susan’s direction. Because of TFI’s success in job creation and youth entrepreneurship, there are now more than 30 fashion incubators located around the world based on the TFI model. 

Photo by Ted Belton

David Dixon is an award winning fashion designer, most recently the 2017 Fashion Impact CAFA Award. David’s stunning garments are sold across Canada, the United State, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He is also a committed mentor and president of the board at the Toronto Fashion Incubator, which is especially wonderful since he was a resident from 1995 – 2000. His designs can be seen at www.daviddixon.ca



David Dixon’s Fall 2016 collection. Photo credit Getty Images


Sophie Trudeau, a supporter of Canadian fashions, in Lucian Matis at the first official visit to the White House in 2016.


Sophie Trudeau in Sentaler coat. Photo credit Fashion Magazine

Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

Amy Cuddy gives a compelling TED Talk on the power of body language and confidence. Is the same not true for the clothes we wear? Watch the TED Talk to learn more – TED Talk Amy Cuddy


Qasim Mohammad, a Toronto-based technology entrepreneur and an Innovation Adviser at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, recently wrote an article published in The Globe and Mail on how Canada could become a global fashion power house.

Globe and Mail

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