Fashion and The Shape of Water LIVE at Toronto Fashion Week

Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a fairy tale of a 1960s janitor and her relationship with a sea-creature captured in the name of science experimentation, earned 13 Academy Award nominations and numerous accolades and awards including: Best Director and Best Score 2017 Golden Globes, BAFTA winner for Best Production Design, Best Original Music, Best Direction, AFI Film of the Year and more.

Costume design incorporates intensive research, character development, garment construction and more to bring to life the story on the screen.

Costume Designer Luis Sequeira (nominated for Best Costume Designer by dozens of organizations including the Academy Awards and winning the Costume Designers Guild Award for Best Costume in a Period Film) and Assistant Costume Designer Ann Steel discuss working with visionary director del Toro, the unimaginable amount  of fabric they accumulated and the thrill of prepping for the Oscars.

Ann Steel and Academy Award Nominee for Best Costume for The Shape of Water Luis Sequiera,

Photo credit George Pimentel.

The inspiration board for Eliza. Inspiration boards are one of the first steps in the process of costume design. Courtesy of Luis Sequiera.

Sally Hawkins (as Eliza in the middle in green) and Octavia Spencer in The Shape of Water. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

The future is represented with a different colour palette. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

Eliza has a definite relationship with fashion, particularly shoes. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

The colour palette of The Shape of Water is interrupted significantly with red at key moments. Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight.

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