In Conversation with authors Michelle Bilodeau & Karen Cleveland

“But you’re getting married! You have to!” That empty statement is on the other end of everything from jaw-droppingly expensive dresses, staged proposal engagement photo shoots, and reception selfie stations. From the minute they become engaged, there’s a script that couples are pressured to follow.

By breaking down the antiquated traditions of that #blessedweddingday, The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All the Rules will help betrothed pairs throw the icky bridal traditions to the curb in honour of getting the wedding of their actual dreams — not the one we’ve been force-fed for decades by the wedding industrial complex. Inspiring couples to plan their wedding in a way that is meaningful to them, The New Wedding Book debunks the “traditions,” makes sense of realistic budgets, offers brilliant advice from real-life couples, and confronts the crushing pressure for weddings to be perfect.

Authors Michelle Bilodeau and Karen Cleveland.

Michelle Bilodeau & Karen Cleveland








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