In Conversation with Ashley Freeborn, co-founder and CEO of Smash + Tess

Ashley is a loving wife and a mama to her daughters Francesca aka “Frankie” and Stella. She was an educator for the better part of a decade and made the leap to corporate training and culture where she worked in the finance sector for the better part of three years. Although she loved it dearly, she still felt the need for a fun and fresh creative outlet – enter Smash + Tess. After finding a void in the everywear market, she attended the summer fashion program at Conde Nast in London, UK, and the rest is history!

From designing, to finance, to coming up with fun and creative marketing campaigns, Ashley has enjoyed every moment of making Smash + Tess a reality. Smash + Tess has since allowed Ashley to channel her innovative side and celebrate women – and better yet, spend extra time with her best friend and mom.

Ashley Freeborn





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