Meredith Shaw is a leader of Canadian Fashion Authority, On-Air personality on CHUM FM and Style-Expert on The Social + The Marilyn Denis Show. Meredith inspires women of all sizes across the country through body positivity activism, modelling and style expertise. Donna and Meredith talk about: * Working in fashion as a curvy woman * The language of body types * Taking the emotion out of size * The challenge of the word "inclusive" sizing * Dispelling myths of curvy women Mentioned in this Episode: @diana.dares Where to Meredith Shaw: * @meredithshaw - including her body language series * for the MEREband in support of Girls Inc. - a National Organization encouraging young women of all backgrounds to be strong, smart and bold Where to Find Host Donna Bishop * @thisisdonnab * @fashiontalkspod Our Producing Partner @cafawards - the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards

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